It is fortunate that in this day and age people are able to see who has called just by looking at the caller identification on a phone. This, however, is not always enough information to determine if speaking to someone is in the best interest of the recipient. Unknown phone numbers can mean many things. A boss or friend could be calling from a new number, a telemarketer could be attempting to get through, or an unsavory character may be trying to make contact.

Keep Track Of Unfamiliar Numbers

If you have encountered many instances in which you received a call from a strange number and wound up answering it, you may have wished that you had a heads up about who each caller was if you were bombarded with a bunch of telemarketers spiels or were bothered by some individuals who you didn't wish to speak to.

Get into the habit of recording the numbers that you are unfamiliar with and performing a search online. First, try not to panic when someone calls you and you are not familiar with the number that is displayed. Instead, save the number and enter it through an online phone number public directory.

Perform A Reverse Search

A public directory uses databases to compile listings of numbers and their respective owners and addresses. Even if a number is unlisted, you can still find out the location where a call was made from and whether or not a caller used a cell phone or a landline to perform the call. All that you need to do to complete a reverse search is enter the area code and phone number that you are inquiring about.

After a brief pause, you will be provided with results for the number. If a match is found and a name is provided to you, search further to determine who the person is if you are not familiar with the name. The information that you receive will also keep you updated about new numbers or addresses for your friends and associates if you weren't previously aware of any changes. 

If you find out that one of the numbers that a person is calling from is associated with a telemarketer, you can inform others about this by adding a personal note underneath the number that you researched. The owners of online search tools allow their users to provide feedback that could help others determine who specific numbers belong to.