If you have a clogged sewer line, one of the more modern thoughts to come to mind as a homeowner is to call up a plumber who offers sewer camera services to find the clog. It is absolutely true that these audio visual services in combination with plumbing repairs can help you track down a clog faster than you could ever imagine, but sewer cameras can also be used to track down all kinds of other problems with a plumbing line or drainage system. Here is a look at some of the things a sewer inspection camera can find besides just a clog in the line. 

Gravitational Problems with Water Flow 

Gravitational pull has a major effect on how water or sewage flows through a pipe. if the pipes are not set up completely right, the force of gravity can prevent material from moving through the lines, which can cause problems with backflow or low flow from a drain. With a sewer camera inspection, you can feed the camera into the pipe to figure out where the exact problem is taking place. You should be able to spot these areas because they will have standing material or water at certain pipe sections or bends. 

Broken or Cracked Pipes 

If you have a broken or cracked pipe that is leaking water or sewage, it can cause you all kinds of problems as a homeowner. Unfortunately, because sewer and plumbing systems are implemented into homes in a way that they are inconspicuous, it often means pipes are hidden out from everyday view. One thing a sewer camera can help you spot beyond a blockage is a crack or hole in a pipe. This can definitely be valuable insight if you suspect you have a problem but do not want to dig up a pipe just to figure it out. 

Dislodged Pipes 

Your drainage system is comprised of all kinds of different pipes of different sizes, shapes, and materials. These varying pipes have to be connected for the system to work, which means a whole series of things like connecting joints, elbow pieces, and taps to hold everything together and make it work properly. Sometimes, the seals between these joints break apart, and the connecting pipes become dislodged. When they do, it can cause major problems with leaks and damage, but if the connecting joints are underground, you may never see there is a problem.