In this day and age, utilizing a conversational AI platform on your company's website provides a number of advantages. A conversational AI platform allows customers to your website to interact with artificial intelligence—typically a chatbot—in real time. This type of technology is changing the way that companies connect with their customers. Some of the top advantages of integrating a conversational AI platform into your company's website include:

Customer Service around the Clock

While huge corporations may have call centers that can provide customer service 24/7, most companies do not have the resources to offer this to their clients. Using a conversational AI platform gives your company an affordable option to offer customers and clients customer service around the clock. Most conversational AI platforms are programmed to be able to troubleshoot a number of common problems that customers have, so customers have their issues involved promptly, even if the office or call center is not open.

Proactive Approach to Customer Interaction 

If a person shops in a department store, they will often be greeted by a store associate and asked if they need any help. For many years, this wasn't possible for customers shopping online. But now, conversational AI platforms offer help and assistance to potential customers, when they are looking at a company's webpage, which can greatly increase customer interaction. When a website has a conversational AI platform to connect with visitors, customers may be more likely to feel that the company cares more about the customer experience.

Make It Easier to Compete in Global Markets

Companies can be very successful in a global market, but there are also challenges. A conversational AI platform can assist a company with international customers and clients in several ways. Firstly, the AI platform runs all of the time, so it does not matter what timezone a customer is in. An AI platform can also help with language differences. You can program a conversational AI platform to communicate in a number of languages, so customers can be assisted in their native language. These conversations in different languages can then be translated into English, so they can be reviewed.

Save Money

One of the biggest advantages of using a conversational AI platform on your website is the fact that your company can save a lot of money. Utilizing a conversational AI platform can eliminate the need to hire as many employees to assist customers with questions and resolve customer service issues. In the long run, a conversational AI platform is an investment that can substantially cut your company's overall expenses.