When you have a large construction company, one of the things that you need to do is to make sure that you can coordinate with all of the people on a particular job site. That can be tricky to do and can also be time-consuming, depending on how you do it. However, there are more convenient ways of communication. One way is using a PTT radio, like an explorer msat g3, or an app. 


PTT stands for push-to-talk. The way that PTT works is that the speaker pushes a button and is able to be heard by everyone on that particular frequency. The speaker has to push the button to talk and then release it to let anyone else talk. There are radio systems that will allow you to have that service, like walkie-talkies, or other similar radios. There are also apps that can be used on smartdevices or mobile phones that will turn the device into a PTT system. There are a lot of benefits to using a PTT system when it comes to job sites and trying to talk to a large group of people. 

Large Scale Coordination

One benefit is that you can coordinate with a large group all at one time. You can make sure that everyone on your job site has a radio tuned to the same frequency or is using the same app. Everyone who has a radio on that frequency or that app will be able to participate in whatever discussion is going on. That means that you can talk to everyone who might be involved in a particular project to make sure that everyone is on the same page. There won't be anyone who can say they didn't know everything because you are going to be talking to everyone. 

One at a Time

Another benefit is that while you are using one of these systems or apps, only one person at a time can talk. The only person who can talk is the one who pushed the button, and then when they say "Over" that means that they are done and it's time for someone else to talk. That makes discussions much easier since there won't be any interruptions to the person talking. 

Trying to talk to everyone at a large job site can be really difficult, however, it is often necessary. A PTT radio system or app can make it much easier for you to talk to everyone you need to all at once.