Sometimes you get email messages and sometimes you do not. What is up with that? Is it your modem? Maybe your server does not recognize the incoming email as anything other than spam? Actually, it could just be the fact that your IP address is blacklisted; yes, blacklisted. No one knows quite how their addresses get blacklisted, only that certain networks and databases spot IP addresses that seem to go out and flood inboxes and then you are blacklisted. Here is more on the topic, as well as how to get IP blacklist removal services and why you need to get your IP address un-blacklisted.

The Fault of the Database Software

No software program is perfect. That includes database software that is meant to block spam. If you consistently send a lot of emails or chats over a line, these anti-spam database programs flag you as a spammer. Then you are blacklisted (unable to send or receive anything under the same IP address).

It is akin to having your bank block your use of your debit card when you are trying to make several purchases in one day and/or buying extremely expensive items. They do this because they do not recognize your spending patterns in this shopping spree. Then you have to call the bank and tell them that you are indeed making purchases and you want the block removed. The IP blacklisting thing can happen in quite a similar manner.

Removing Your IP Address from the Blacklist

There are free online services that allow you to check your IP address to see if it is blacklisted. You will need to find your IP address under your computer's information in either "settings" or "general information." Copy and paste your address into the box provided and click on the button that says "Check IP Address." If your address comes up as listed, your next step is to remove it.

You will need to find out which database your computer operates from. Then go to that database's site, and find the "blacklist removal" tab. In some instances, it will not be enough to simply enter your address and request to be taken off the blacklist. You may have to argue as to why you should not be blacklisted. Your request will be reviewed before you can be removed. 

Why You Need to Remove Your Address

Once blacklisted, nobody you know will ever receive another email from you again. Additionally, you cannot receive email from them, either. If you attempt to transfer or sell your address, or exchange it for a new one, the buyer/trader will check your address, find out why you are trying to dump it, and then refuse to take it. If you are successfully removed from the blacklist, you do not have to worry about any of that.